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Users report this is working with UI5 build 1.5.233, but not UI4.
Associated forum topic:,2488.msg55580.html#msg55580

You need to have version 1.17 or later in your mini-mote.  To determine what version you have for a mini-mote you've already included, go to your UI and in the Advanced tab in the device settings, and look for the variable "VersionInfo".  There are 5 numbers, and the last 2 are Aeon's firmware version.  So for example: 3,2,78,1,10 means you're running version 1.10 and need to upgrade your minimote.  You can download a Windows program at to update your remote.

You should reset your mini-mote before including by holding down the associate and learning buttons, both at the same time, for 10 seconds until the LED's stop blinking.

To add the device, put Vera into include mode, and press the Learn button on the remote.

Next you can assign scenes to the 4 buttons by clicking the wrench button in our UI for the MiniMote, and picking the scenes.  You can also pick 4 scenes to run when each button is turned off.  On the mini-mote, tap a button to run the 'activate' scene for that button, and hold the button for a second to run the 'deactivate' scene the button.

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