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The Vera 3 has three buttons and eight indicator lights on the front panel, as follows




To reset Vera to factory defaults, you will have to keep the reset button pressed for more than 10 seconds. After, the power light will go out when Vera is doing a reset, if the power light doesn't go out try again until it does. This will reset any changes you have made to Vera's networking, any rooms or scenes you've added, your location settings, and so on.


When you want to put Vera3 on battery pack press the Help button for 10 seconds until the lights from the Vera unit will go out, then connect the battery pack and wait for the lights to be stable. If you want to take the battery back out and connect the power adapter back, you must first hold the Help button pressed for 10 seconds until the lights will go out and then disconnect the battery pack and connect the power adapter.


This button is used to add and remove Z-Wave devices. It is only active when the Z-Wave light is on, indicating the system is ready. Tap the button to enter 'add' mode, indicated by the Z-Wave light blinking once per second. You can include Z-Wave devices when in this mode. Follow the instructions for each device (light switch, door lock, etc.) to activate the device's include feature. When it has been included, the Z-Wave light will flutter rapidly for 2 seconds to indicate that a Z-Wave device was successfully added. While in add mode, tap the Z-Wave button again to exit add mode and return to normal operation. Press and hold the Z-Wave button for 3 seconds and then release to enter remove mode, indicated by the Z-Wave light blinking quickly, 4 times per second. Again, follow the instructions for each device to remove/reset it while Vera is in remove mode. For most devices the process to remove them is the same as to add them. Again, the Z-Wave light will flutter for 2 seconds when a Z-Wave device was successfully removed. Tap the Z-Wave button to go out of remove mode and back into add mode, and from add mode, tap it again to return to normal operation.



off = no power

blinking green/red = Vera is booting up. Please wait. This process should take only 2 minutes

on = Vera is booted up. If it's not already on the Z-Wave light should come on momentarily to indicate Vera is ready.


NOTE: After inserting/removing a network cable, wait up to 30 seconds to see the indicator change. It is not instant.

off = Vera is off or is booting up. There is no indication of whether a cable is connected to the WAN port while Vera is booting. Once the power light is on solid, the WAN tells you if Vera has internet. If the WAN light remains off, then no cable is connected to Vera's WAN port.

blink slowly once per second = A cable is connected to Vera's WAN port and Vera is getting an IP and testing the network to see if Vera has internet and can reach our servers.

blink rapidly = A cable is connected but Vera is unable to reach the internet.

on solid = Vera is successfully connected to the internet.


off = Vera is not ready, either it's still booting up, or Vera is busy saving some changes you recently made.

on = Vera is ready

blinking = Vera is adding/removing Z-Wave devices. See the instructions above under Buttons / Z-Wave for an explanation.

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