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Mi Casa Verde is offering Vera for $99 to developers who use our new Luup engine for smarthome and digital lifestyle applications. Luup (Lua-UPnP) is Mi Casa Verde’s new software engine which incorporates Lua, a popular scripting language, and UPnP, the industry standard way to control devices. We would like a variety of open-source Luup plug-ins to be available in our Luup Gallery, so we are offering developers a chance to get Vera for one-third the retail price in exchange for a Luup plug-in!

Here is how it works:

1) Submit your idea for a Luup plug-in to

2) If your idea is approved, we will send you a signed contract

3) You purchase Vera for the retail price of $299

4) You have two months from the day you receive Vera to send us the Luup plug-in you developed

5) We will give you back $200 when we receive your working plug-in

This is a limited time offer, so submit your idea for a Vera plug-in now! For more information, read the Media:Luup_Press_Release.

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