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An event is how you tell Vera to run a scene in response to something happening. For more on scenes, see Scenes.

To add an event on Vera1 with UI2, click the 'Scenes' tab, add a new scene, and click 'Add Event' to define what should trigger the scene.
To add an event on Vera2 with UI4, click on the 'Add scene' button from the dashboard, go to the Timers tab and click the Add event button.

Then choose the type of event. The most common options are: a sensor is tripped, and an armed sensor is tripped, a light is turned on/off, etc. For sensor tripped events, you will be asked to choose which sensor(s) should trigger the event.

You can then check off which users should be notified when the event occurs. These are the people you created on the users tab, and Vera will use the contact information (SMS text message and/or Email) you provided on that tab (on for Vera 2 with UI4).

After you specify the options for the event, you can tell Vera what you want her to do when that event occurs, in exactly the same way you do when creating a scene. As explained in the scene instructions, you can tell Vera to do something with a device and then after a period of time, do something else, such as: "Turn on the garage light and 30 seconds later turn it off again."

To learn how to use events to set up a home security system, see Intro Security.

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