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Note: This information is only for Vera1/UI2. For more information about Vera2 with UI4 go to docs2.mios.com and for more information about Vera2, Vera3, Vera Lite with UI5 go to docs5.mios.com

The 'Devices' tab on Vera's page shows all your devices and next to each is a + button that lets you specify additional options to configure those devices, as explained in Devices.

For IP cameras, you have a form to check off with several options:

Archive a photo whenever the following sensors are tripped:
Below are listed all your sensors, and you can check off one or more of the sensors. Whenever one of the sensors you checked off is tripped, Vera will start snapping still frame photos from the camera. Vera does not have enough memory to store the photos in Vera itself, so this only works if you have the optional Find Vera Service, and have activated it on the [[Quick_Start|findvera.com tab]. As part of the service we provide you a server to store archives from your camera. To view the archived images from your camera, visit findvera.com.

And after the sensor(s) are tripped archive the video for [blank] seconds
Here you tell Vera how many seconds to keep capturing video after the sensor is tripped. The video is captured as a series of photos, about 1 photo per second or two. So if you fill in the blank with '30', then Vera will snap photos for 30 seconds after the sensor is tripped and send them up to the findvera.com server.

Which lights should be turned on when viewing this camera
If the camera is in a dark area, you can tell Vera to automatically turn on some lights when Vera is taking pictures from the camera or when you are watching the camera. Check off the lights Vera should turn on. When Vera stops using the camera, Vera will put the lights back to whatever state they were in before Vera turned them on. In other words, if a light was already on before Vera started using the camera, Vera won't turn it off when Vera stops using the camera.

For archival purposes, take a picture from the camera every [blank], and keep the pictures [blank] days.
Here you can tell Vera to take a picture at regular timed intervals. Again the images are sent to the findvera.com server, so you need the find vera service.

Turn on the lights
When I view the camera from the web or phone'
'When the sensor(s) above are tripped and they are armed'
'When the sensors above are tripped and they are *not* armed'
'When you take an automatic picture for the archive'
If you checked off lights above, then you can tell Vera under what circumstances to turn on the lights. For example, if you have told Vera to turn on a light when viewing a camera, and you told Vera to automatically take a picture every hour, then if you check the box 'When you take an automatic picture for the archive', then every hour Vera will turn on the light, take the picture, and then turn the light back off if it wasn't already on. If you don't want this to happen, leave the box unchecked. In that case, when Vera takes the picture, if the area is dark, the picture may be dark. Perhaps you only want Vera to turn on the lights when you yourself are viewing the camera, such as over your phone, or maybe only when a sensor is tripped. Check the boxes to indicate when Vera should turn the lights on.

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