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The PolyPad can work as a stand alone Z-Wave device, it can be updated with PIN codes from Vera, including all the options for the PIN codes. The PIN codes are validated locally by the PolyPad, and a door lock report is sent to Vera.

You can set up a scenario on Vera using the PolyPad and it will report if it has been locked or unlocked, but it will not report what pin code have been entered. This is likely to change in a future firmware version for the Poly Pad itself after it's been integrated.

Including the Poly-Pad and the Poly-Lock

To include them in your Z-wave network please follow the steps below.


1. Unscrew the screw in the buttom of the Poly-Lock
2. Then you remove the cover, the cover will slide of easily.
3. Next you will start to include.
4. Put the Vera gateway in inclusion mode
5 .Press the inclusion button on the Poly-Lock for 3 seconds
6. The Vera gateway will tell you that it has discovered the new device, and the Poly-Lock is included.
7. Finish the inclusion on the Vera gateway
8. Mount the lock as shown in the instructions video found on Poly-Control.com


1. Unscrew the screw in the buttom of the Poly-Pad
2. Slide of the cover, the cover can be a bit tricky to slide of because the watertight gasket is very tight.
3. Put the Vera Gateway in inclusion mode
4. Press the inclusion button on the Poly-Pad for 3 seconds
5. Follow the mounting instructions found on the instructions video at Poly-Control.com

Note: You can find an user-guide for both devices here Userguide Poly Lock and Poly Pad

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