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This is meant to be an informative, objective comparison of Vera and the other Z-Wave gateways, not a 1-sided sales pitch. If other Z-Wave gateways have features we have not listed, you can add those features. You can also add other gateways that are not on the list, and correct any mistakes and add notes. This document is a wiki, editable by the public.

Note that this document, being a wiki, contains data provided by the public and our customers as well as those of our competitors. The list of features supported by the Schlage and Hawking products comes from customers who use those products and Mi Casa Verde has not independently verified all the features of our competitors products. If there are any inaccuracies, anyone is able to correct them.

NOTE: 27 July 2009 micasaverde: Has updated the page with the new features in our Luup release, which is now in beta, including the new cell phone apps which are in beta and will be released in about 2 weeks.

NOTE: 29 July 2009 Schlage: Has updated the page to accurately reflect the features associated with the Schlage LiNK system. Schlage is continuously improving the Schlage LiNK application to provide more features to the end user.

Vera Hawking HRPG1 Schlage LiNK Bridge Notes
Retail Price $299 $179 Not sold separately The Schlage Bridge is available only as part of a bundled kit. The Schlage locks are available without the Schlage Bridge for $199 MSRP.
Monthly charge Optional $9.99 $12.99 Schlage requires a monthly subscription or else you cannot use the LiNK or control Z-Wave devices. You can still manually operate the door lock without the subscription. Hawking requires a monthly subscription of $9.99 for all services including cell phone access. Vera's provides secure remote access, cell phone control, and email notifications for free. SMS texting and video archiving are $29/year.
Functionality dependent on manufacturer Check.png partial X.png Will the product still function if the manufacturer stops supporting it? With Vera, only the optional hosted online services depend on Mi Casa Verde, all local functions are independent, and Vera will run without an internet connection. In Hawking's case, cell phone access would stop and limited other functions would continue. User will need to know how to hack the units back door. In Schlage's case, the product will not function at all if you don't pay the monthly bill or if Schlage discontinues support for the product. However the Lock itself will still function as a keypad lock. The remote capabilities and programming will be disabled. If internet connection is lost all timers/events will cease to occur during that time. The Schlage LiNK is just a bridge no internal triggers seem to be stored in the bridge.
Z-Wave Device Compatibility
Guaranteed compatible with all Z-Wave devices Check.png X.png X.png Vera is free if it doesn't work with all your Z-Wave devices as explained here. Note: Z-Wave devices must be certified by Zensys/the Z-Wave alliance to be called Z-Wave and to qualify. The Schlage LiNK Application will operate all certified Z-Wave Devices within any device class that is supported in the Schlage LiNK Application.
Light Switches/Appliance Modules Check.png Check.png Check.png
Thermostats Check.png Check.png Check.png Note: Schlage web portal only supports Notifications/Alerts and email functions for Schlage/Trane branded thermostats.
Door/Window/Motion Sensor Check.png Check.png X.png Z-Wave door, window and motion sensors can trigger scenes, fire events, and you can be notified on your mobile phone.
Combo-sensors Check.png X.png X.png Such as the 3-in-1 light, temperature, motion sensor.
Handheld remotes Check.png X.png Check.png Handheld remotes can activate scenes in the gateway and be programed within the gateway. Handheld remotes can be secondary controllers in conjunction with the Schlage LiNK Bridge and Hawking. Schlage or Hawking cannot program the remote from the bridge. Schlage cannot give a remote the role of "secondary inclusionary".
Door locks Check.png X.png Check.png
Scene controllers Check.png X.png X.png Same as handheld remotes.
Supports European Z-Wave Check.png X.png X.png You must order the Euro version of Vera to support European Z-Wave.
Insteon/X10 Device Compatibility
Insteon/X10 Check.png X.png X.png
A/V Device Compatibility
Infrared control Check.png X.png X.png Control TV's, stereo's, etc., with infrared emitters.
RS232 control Check.png X.png X.png For those models of A/V devices that have serial control ports provides direct control without infrared.
Universal remote control Check.png X.png X.png Use your mobile phone as a universal remote control.
Alarm System Compatibility
RS232 alarm panels Check.png X.png X.png Sensors from your traditional home alarm system can trigger scenes, notifications, etc., and you can remotely manage your home alarm.
USB alarm panels Check.png X.png X.png Sensors from your traditional home alarm system can trigger scenes, notifications, etc., and you can remotely manage your home alarm.
Ethernet alarm panels Check.png X.png X.png Sensors from your traditional home alarm system can trigger scenes, notifications, etc., and you can remotely manage your home alarm.
IP Devices Compatibility
Generic IP Cameras Check.png X.png X.png Vera works with any IP camera that can return a JPEG file, such as Panasonic and most IP cameras.
Proprietary IP Cameras N/A Check.png Check.png Schlage cameras use proprietary firmware to ensure secure plug and play conectivity with the Schlage LiNK Apllication. Hawking also has a proprietary camera.
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Check.png X.png X.png Ability to move camera and adjust it remotely
Z-Wave features
Works as a primary controller Check.png Check.png Check.png Schlage LiNK Bridge does not seem to support SUC/SIS. This means you cannot add a controller as a secondary inclusion conroller. A secondary inclusion controller can be used to include devices without removing a dongle or diconnecting the bridge. This setup aids in network setup as issues are immediately shown during installation.
Works as a secondary controller Check.png Check.png X.png
Can be added to an existing Z-Wave network Check.png Check.png Check.png
Supports controller shift Check.png Check.png X.png
Door lock specific
Secure remote locking/unlocking of doors Check.png X.png Check.png
Secure remote setting of user codes Check.png X.png Check.png
Control of doors from handheld remotes and scene controllers Check.png Check.png X.png A button on a Z-Wave handheld remote or scene controller can be programmed, for example, to turn off the lights and lock the doors. Schlage allows lock control through the Schlage Application and any secondary controller supporting the required device classes.
Door locks trigger events Check.png X.png Check.png For example, when you unlock the door, the porch light comes on automatically. With the Schlage application, entering a valid 4 digit code at the lock enables any pre-programmed scene within the application.
PIN codes trigger events Check.png X.png Check.png For example, you give the pool cleaner a PIN code and are notified by SMS when he unlocks the door with his PIN code.
Support Vacation Mode of Schlage LiNK lock X.png X.png Check.png Schlage LiNK Bridge can remotely enable Vacation mode that disables keypad on the lock. Great if you don't want anyone to use their code to enter. At any time you can restore access to the keypad though Schlage LiNK web or phone app. [Manual Vacation Mode]
Support all door locks Check.png X.png Check.png Vera will also support the Black & Decker door locks when they are on the market.
Scenes Check.png Check.png Check.png
Timers Check.png Check.png Check.png Schlage LiNK only sets time based events on a 7-day week. Schlage is not able to set a time or date in the future.
Events Check.png Check.png Check.png For example, turn on a light when a motion sensor is tripped.
Relative to sunset/sunrise Check.png

Trigger a scene 1 hour before the sun rises, etc.
Remote access
Direct access over IP Check.png X.png X.png You can directly control the device over the internet or local network without going through a remote server.
Works when your internet is down Check.png X.png X.png Remote access can not be provided when the internet is not available. With Vera you can still connect through your Local Area Net (LAN) to do everything else, including operating and configuring Vera.
Secure remote access through a gateway Check.png Check.png Check.png Both Vera and Schlage use a secure server similar to that for online banking. Vera offers this for free. Schlage offers it for a $13/month subscription.
Energy monitoring
Tracks actual energy usage Check.png X.png X.png Supports the Z-Wave classes for reporting current Watts, accumulated kWh, etc.
Reports historical energy usage Check.png X.png X.png Vera shows past energy usage by room, type of device, etc.
Responds to energy alerts Check.png X.png X.png Vera allows automatic energy reduction when the utility company reports the power grid is overloaded. See Energy.
Built-in router/gateway Check.png X.png X.png Hawking and Schlage require connection to a standard residential router.
Built-in Wi-Fi Check.png X.png X.png Hawking and Schlage require you to purchase these separately.
Remote Control
Custom remotes with your own skins/buttons Check.png X.png X.png For example, put an iPod touch on the wall which your own wallpaper and pictures and icons that trigger scenes or control devices.
Web interface on local home network Check.png X.png X.png Direct access by http://[your bridge's IP address]
Web interface for secure remote access over the internet Check.png Check.png Check.png Access going through a remote server via https
Access from any cell phone Check.png X.png X.png Vera is compatible with any cell phone that has an internet connection. So you can control it from new phones, like the T-Mobile Sidekick, as well as older, basic phones.
Native iPhone/iPod touch app Check.png Check.png Check.png Vera's new version is due in August '09, which also has a universal remote control. Schlage and Hawking use the Crayon/Moshi application.
Native Java app (Blackberry, etc.) Check.png Check.png Check.png
Native Windows Mobile Check.png Check.png Check.png Schlage and Hawking use the Crayon/Moshi application.
Wi-Fi access (iPod Touch, PDA's, etc.) Check.png Check.png Check.png PDA's, iPhone's, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices can control the bridge using your home network.
Handheld remotes Check.png Check.png Check.png A button on a handheld remote can trigger a device.
Scene controllers Check.png X.png X.png
Online services
Archive of surveillance camera images Check.png X.png X.png Available through the Find Vera Service.
Archive of energy usage Check.png X.png X.png Available through the Find Vera Service.
Archive of events Check.png Check.png Check.png Available through the Find Vera Service.
Open-ness / geek-friendly
Direct login allowed Check.png X.png X.png Log in to the system with Telnet/SSH to inspect the software, verify the strength of the encryption, etc.
Allows custom scripts Check.png X.png X.png Write your own scripts to automate tasks; scripts run in the bridge.
Published API's for custom add-ons and UI's Check.png X.png X.png See: Luup Intro.
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