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This page is OBSOLETE

    • We took down the TestVera system because it was bombarded with traffic. We're going to setup a special demo version of the Vera UI that runs on a regular web server so it can handle many users simultaneously.**

We put a Vera system, along with a camera and Z-Wave devices, online for the public to checkout. Because it is fully exposed to the public, so many people could be accessing it at once, it may not be online when you try to use it.

To access the Setup Page as explained in the Quick Start guide, or to get to the Dashboard, visit http://testvera.micasaverde.com. This is exactly the same as if you were accessing Vera from your home network.

Note - Due to repeated attacks and hacking attempts, we have disabled this page.

To see how you can access this Vera using our secure remote access service, go to https://findvera.com, and enter the username: testvera, and the password: myvera123. This is exactly the same as how you would securely access your own Vera system remotely over the internet. You can also view the log of energy usage and archive images from the security camera.

You can also see how you would access Vera securely using your mobile phone. In your mobile phone's web browser go to https://findvera.com/mo (note: mo stands for mobile). There are 3 versions of mobile access: Apple iPhone, Java (Blackberry and other Java-equipped smartphones) and web browser (all other phones). Click the 'iPhone' link for an iPhone-specific version. Click the 'Download' link if you have a Java enabled mobile phone, like a Blackberry or Nokia smartphone. This will install an application on your mobile phone, which will let you connect using the secure service with the same username/password (testvera/myvera123). If you are not sure if your phone supports Java, just try clicking the link, and your phone will report an error if it does not support Java. For all other phones, enter the testvera/myvera123 username and password to use the mobile web browser version (aka WAP). The mobile web browser version is simple and basic, with text only and no graphics. It is intentionally not pretty or flashy so that it uses very little data on your phone's data plan because there are no graphics, and it is simple enough that it will run on virtually all internet-enabled phones, including basic low-cost mobile phones with small displays that only display text pages. Windows smartphones can use any of the 3 versions, although not all Windows smartphones come with Java pre-installed.

You can watch the camera, while you control the light. And, if you turn the fan on and off, that will trip the motion sensor and send SMS/email alerts to the phone/email you provide on the Users page.

If you are a developer and really want to get under the hood, send us a note from the support link on micasaverde.com and we will give you a temporary password to access the test Vera using ssh. We also publish our Test Sequence document that shows how to test all the functions in Vera and technical info for developers.

Note: Making changes to the network settings, remote access, and Z-Wave network have been disabled on this system. The configuration automatically resets to a factory default every day at 1:00 am U.S. Pacific Time. If you find the configuration was changed and want us to reset it right away, go to micasaverde.com, click Support, and just send us a note that the testvera system is down and we will reset it and send you an email when it is back.

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