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Z-Wave & Device Retailers  for international and US customers

NOTE: Depending on your region, Vera uses either US or EU frequencies. Devices using US frequencies cannot work with EU frequencies and vice versa
For EU customers, please check the EU retailer list

Company Name Website What they Carry

Price Range


User Comments/Notes
ASI Home


Most Z-Wave brands, other home automation devices


Barry from ASIHome is a great resource to Vera users. Outstanding customer service, and product knowledge. They also stock one of the best varieties of Z-Wave and other Vera capable devices on the web
Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com Old Intermatic devices on closeout, Hawking, GE/Jasco, etc $-$$$$ You can still pickup Intermatic devices from amazon for $18. Also the best prices I've seen on the Hawking door sensors.
TS Electronic


Leviton Vizia RF+ line $$ Best Prices I've seen on Leviton Vizia RF+ devices anywhere online. 
SmarthomeUSA http://Smarthomeusa.com Most Z-Wave brands, other home automation devices $$-$$$$ Solid retailer. Good buying experience and good customer service.
SmartHome http://www.smarthome.com/ Leviton Z-Wave, many other (non z-wave) brands. They specialize in Insteon $$$-$$$$ Very professional looking website, but to be avoided for z-wave in my experience. Extremely poor customer service, took 4 months to get a defective device replaced. During this wait I was told they don't really care about z-wave, and I should have bought Insteon.  
SmartHome-Products http://www.smarthome-products.com/s-15-z-wave.aspx[1]  Most Z-Wave brands, other home automation devices $$-$$$$ Solid Retailer - great technical support
Lowes http://www.lowes.com GE/Jasco Switches $$-$$$ Some stores carry some of the GE/Jasco line. Check their website for availability. 
Radio Shack http://radioshack.com GE/Jasco Switches $$-$$$ Some stores carry some of the GE/Jasco line.
ZWave Products http://www.zwaveproducts.com/ Most Z-WAve brands, etc $$-$$$ Broad selection, decent prices. Numerous reports of poor customer service, errors in shipping, delays, etc. Purchase with caution.
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