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Z-Wave & Device Retailers  for EU customers

NOTE: Depending on your region, Vera uses either US or EU frequencies. Devices using US frequencies cannot work with EU frequencies and vice versa
For US customers, please check the International retailer list

Company Name Website What they Carry

Price Range


User Comments/Notes
ZWave4U http://www.zwave4u.com/ Duewi, Remotec, Horstman, EXMotion, Homepro, Sensoair 20-250 Euro none so far.
ElekHomica.nl http://www.elekhomica.nl/index.php?cPath=91&osCsid=oa5l35q7jfa13fpjsdto08b9q1 ACT, HomePro, 10-150 Euro none so far.
Domotica.nl http://www.domotica-shop.nl/ Squareconnect, Micasaverde, Danfoss, Qees, Merten, Everspring, ACT, DUWI 50-250 Euro Broad selection, decent prices. Very good service and response.
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