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There are several icons on the dashboard and device page to let you control a device and see the status of the device.


Icon Meaning
OFF 2.gif CONFIG 4.gif LEVEL 5.gif ON 2.gif POLL 5.gif These icons appear next to a device to let you know that Vera is doing something with the device, such as turning the device on or off or configuring the device. They are called "Job Icons", because each time Vera does something to a device, it's called a job, and each icon represents a job.
Buonnormal.gif Buautonormal.gif Bu75normal.gif These are buttons you can click to tell Vera to control a device. They are called "Control buttons". In most cases when you click a control button for a device, you will soon see a job icon appear next to the device to indicate that Vera is doing what you request. For example, if you click the "Off" control button, you will see an "Off" job icon next to the device to let you know that Vera is turning that device off. And when Vera has successfully finished turning the device off, the "Off" job icon turns green to let you know that everything went ok.
Wait anim.gif This means "please wait" because you clicked a command button, and Vera is busy creating the "job". When you click a command button the "please wait" icon should appear immediately, and then go away within a couple seconds when there's a job icon to show you the status of your command.

Job icons

When Vera is doing something with a device, like turning the device on or off or adjusting the temperature, Vera displays an icon next to each device for each action that Vera is performing (aka each job). The icons change color depending on the status of the job. When Vera has not yet started the job, the icon appears gray, meaning Vera is waiting, probably because Vera is still busy doing something else. This is called "Waiting". When Vera is busy talking to the device to process the job, the icon starts moving and is blue, which means "Busy". When the job is all finished, if everything went OK the icon turns green meaning "OK", and if Vera was unable to complete the job, the icon turns red, meaning "Error". So, for example, if you click the "Off" command button for a device, you will see the "Busy" off icon for a moment, and then it will turn green if Vera was able to turn the device off, or red if Vera had a problem. If the "Off" job icon turns red, meaning "Error", then you know Vera did not successfully turn the device off and you should check the device yourself. You can also move your mouse pointer on top of a job icon to see a brief description popup.

Normally a job icon will stay visible for 30 seconds after it turns green or red to give you time to see how the job finished. The exception is the "Configure" job icon, which always stays there so you know which devices are configured OK and ready to use, and which devices Vera has not been able to configure. If you don't see the Configure icon next to a device, that means the device does not require any configuration. If you see the red "Configure" error job icon, as shown below, that means Vera has not configured the device and the device probably will not work. Note that when you add battery operated Z-Wave devices, like motion sensors, it is perfectly normal that Vera will not be able to configure them for several hours after you add them. Learn more about this

Waiting Busy Ok Error Command
CONFIG 2.gif CONFIG 3.gif CONFIG 4.gif CONFIG 5.gif CONFIGURE: Vera needs to configure some devices before you can use them. If so, you will see a Configure job icon next to the device. Every time you start Vera or change your devices, Vera will check that all your devices are configured and working OK, or show the red Configure error icon if Vera couldn't configure the device. This icon is "sticky", meaning it will stay next to the device forever and doesn't go away after 30 seconds like the others. Sometimes it's normal to get a red configure error icon for several hours after adding a new Z-Wave device. click here and read the section 'Configure node right now' to learn why this happens and what to do.
POLL 2.gif POLL 3.gif POLL 4.gif POLL 5.gif POLL: Vera is busy polling the device. Vera will create these "poll" jobs automatically just to check that all your devices are ok. learn more about polling
OFF 2.gif OFF 3.gif OFF 4.gif OFF 5.gif OFF: Turn off
ON 2.gif ON 3.gif ON 4.gif ON 5.gif ON: Turn on
LEVEL 2.gif LEVEL 3.gif LEVEL 4.gif LEVEL 5.gif LEVEL: Adjust the level, such as dim a light or set the temperature

Control buttons

These are buttons you click to control a device. Generally when you click a button you'll see the 'please wait' icon, then one of the "Job icons" shown above to show you the status of your request.

Icon Command
Buoffnormal.gif Buonnormal.gif Turn off or on the device
Bu25normal.gif Bu50normal.gif Bu75normal.gif Adjust the device (i.e. dim) to 25%, 50% or 75% of the full power
Buarmnormal.gif Bubypassnormal.gif For alarm sensors, this will arm or disarm the sensor. Learn more
Buautonormal.gif Put the device in 'auto' mode
Bucoolnormal.gif Buheatnormal.gif Turn on cooling or heating
Buupnormal.gif Budownnormal.gif Bulnormal.gif Burnormal.gif Move up, down, left or right
Buplusnormal.gif Buminusnormal.gif For cameras, this means zoom in or out. For other devices, it means increase or decrease
--todoab: For some devices there may be a white box for you to type in a value directly. For example, for thermostats, you can type in the temperature you want in the box to the left

The current status of the device is indicated by highlighting one of the control buttons. For example, if the "Off" control button is highlighted, which is blue, then that means Vera has confirmed the device is already off. The status can change. For example, if you tell Vera to turn on a device, the On control button may be highlighted. But if Vera was unsuccessful in turning on the device, the On control button will go back to normal. Or, if somebody manually turned the light off by hand, then the next time Vera polls the device and learns of this, Vera will highlight the Off control button instead so you know the device is now off.

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