Everspring Sensors

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Everspring Sensors


To include an Everspring device with Vera, set your Vera to include mode, and then press ESC/[L] on the Everspring device 3 times within 1.5 seconds.  The [L] icon on the Everspring device will flash.  Be patient.  It can sometimes take a bit of time for Vera's UI to update with data from the sensor.  It may help to reload Vera's UI and refresh your browser window after inclusion. [NOTE:] Some users have found that it's best to exclude a new device before including it into their network.

Device File(s) known to work with Everspring Sensors:


Device File(s) Known to Work

Device Files not Known to Work/
Known not to Work

ST814 Temperature/Humidity Sensor -

ST815 Illumination Sensor with LCD - Vera (UI5) includes the ST815 sensor as a Generic IO device (D_GenericIO1.xml).

D_ComboDevice1.xml - the ST815's current value does not display in Vera's UI.

D_LightSensor1.xml - the ST815's current value will display in Vera's UI.

D_GenericIO1.xml (not known to work)

Setting Device Parameters

To set device parameters on Everspring devices:

  1. In Vera's UI, click on the wrench for the device and select the 'Device Options' tab (see below for an example of ST815 parameter settings). 
  2. Select 'Add configuration settings' and add your first parameter (you can add only those parameters that you want to set). 
  3. Repeat step two for each parameter that you want to set.
  4. After you have added the parameter values that you want to set within Vera, select SAVE, and the refresh your browser. 
  5. Browse back to the device and select it's 'Settings' tab.
  6. Wake up the Everspring device (for example, on the ST815 Illumination Sensor, press the ESC/[L] button 3 times within 1.5 seconds). The device will stay awake for 10 seconds.
  7. Select 'Configure node right now' on the device's 'Settings' tab within Vera.

Be patient.  It may take a bit of time for Vera to update with new information.  Once sucessfully configured, you will see values under the "Current Value" column on the 'Device Options' tab.

Example of Parameter Settings for ST815 Under UI5

The device parameters that each Everspring device will support varies by type of device.  The table below lists the parameters for each type of Everyspring Sensor.


Function Size
Value Unit Default Set
(Factory Default)
Everspring ST814 Temperature/Humidity Sensor



Everspring ST815 Illumination Sensor with LCD
1 Basic Set Level 1 dec 0-99 Percent of Brightness (Dimmer Level) 99 (99) Set basic set value to be on (or set Lux Level)/off.
0: Disable
2 Lux Trigger - On Value 2 dec 30-1000 or 0 LUX 300 (0) Set Lux trigger-ON Value to be _Lux.
0: Clear Lux trigger-ON value
3 Lux Trigger - Off Value 2 dec 30-1000 or 0 LUX 500 (0) Set Lux trigger-OFF Value to be _Lux.
0: Clear Lux trigger-OFF value
4 Lux Trigger - Off (Timer Value) 2 dec 1-480 or 0 Minute 240 (0) Set Lux trigger-OFF Value to be _Lux.
0: Clear Lux trigger-OFF value
5 Auto Report (Time Interval) 2 dec 1-1439 or 0 Minutes 0 (0) Set auto report time interval to be _mins.
6 Auto Report (Lux Interval) 2 dec 30-1000 or 0 LUX 0 (0) Enable auto report.
0: Disable auto report.

Luup Variables

The Luup variables supported by each device vary by type of device.

Variable Name Value
Everspring ST815 Illumination Sensor
urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:GenericSensor1:EnergyMetering1 Reports the energy level based on user defined value (entered into device settings) -- UserSuppliedWattage.
urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:LightSensor1:CurrentLevel Reports the current illumination level.
urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1:Status The Everspring illumination sensor can trigger events based on a value defined within the sensor itself. When the trigger value is reached, the sensor will report status 1.


Command Class Groups

Known Issues

There are some known issues with using Everspring devices with Vera (discuss polling, auto reports, etc.)

Polling devices through Luup code

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