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HOWTO use Vera as your firewall


If you are considering using Vera as your primary firewall, please be advised that Vera does not configure itself to be properly stealthed by default. This is shown by running at test from the web site using the Shields Up port scanner utility. See the reference section


  • If you are already configured as 'Directly to the internet...' go to step 3.

1. From the Vera main page, go to Advanced, Net & Wi-fi.

2. Ensure that you are not configured as 'Automatically Configure' and that 'Directly to the internet. Vera is a gateway' is already configured.

  • If you are configured as 'Automatically Configure', select 'Directly to the internet...'. All the default options can be accepted here. Use the tab key to move through the fields if you are having trouble scrolling down. Click 'Save and apply'. Test you internet Before proceeding. Return to the above screen once in order to proceed.

3. Click the Advanced Configuration link at the top. Caution! Where you are about to go is not for the faint at heart. Create a 'Drop' rule to further secure your vera.

4. Click Network, Firewall

5. Select 'Drop' from the drop down list, click Add

6. Click Save

7. Click Apply

8. Re-test with the shields up tool!


Link to the GRC shields Up tool is here: [GRC Shields UP]

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