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HOWTO "Heal" your network. If you are having trouble with some of your Z-Wave nodes, this can repair and diagnose the problem.


Z-Wave is a mesh network, which means that if two Z-Wave devices want to talk to each other but they are too far apart to communicate directly, they will relay messages through other Z-Wave devices that are in-between. Every device needs to know where it is in proximity to all the other devices, so it knows which devices it can use for relaying. This network map is created when you first add devices to your Z-Wave network. If you later move devices around, the map can be wrong, the relaying might not work, and control of Z-Wave devices may become unreliable.


To correct this situation, go to the 'Devices' tab on Vera's 'Setup' page, choose 'Z-Wave', then 'More Z-Wave Options' and hit the 'Go' button. In the section 'Repair My Network', you can specify 3 parameters. (On UI5, go to the 'Setup' tab, then the 'Z-Wave Settings' tab, and then the 'Repair' item.)

(1) How long Vera should wait for battery operated devices to wake up:
During the first part of the heal network, Vera will attempt to locate all the devices on the network. Many battery operated devices, like sensors, will not respond except at periodic wakeup intervals. Indicate how long Vera should wait for any battery operated devices to wake up. 60 minutes is usually safe since most battery operated devices wakeup every 30-60 minutes by default.

(2) You can tell Vera to reconfigure all the devices:
If you leave it checked, the green 'Device is Configured' cog wheel icons (see: Device Control Status) will turn gray or blue as Vera re-configures the devices, but, when the test is completed, the icons should be green again.

(3) Indicate how long Vera should run a stress test on the network:
During this time Vera will constantly send data to all your Z-Wave nodes and measure the delay and accuracy of their responses.

Vera will go through all the devices one by one and have each device broadcast signals, and all the other devices around record those signals, and, in turn, the map gets rebuilt. At the same time, the 'Device is Configured' flags are reset, meaning Vera will attempt to re-configure your devices again.

When the heal network test is done, go back to the 'Z-Wave Options' page (click the 'Z-Wave Options' link again even if the page is still loaded), and in 'View Repair Reports' you'll see a pull-down listing the heal network test that was just completed. Choose it to view the test results. You can copy/paste the test results if you want to keep a copy of them. The repair reports will be lost when you power cycle Vera.

  • Note: Heal network can take hours to complete. So it's best to let it run overnight. While the test is running, the status will say "Please wait... Configuring Z-Wave devices", and the progress of the test is shown below it. Because this generates a lot of Z-Wave traffic, your Z-Wave devices may respond very slowly if you try to use them while the test is running. If you have battery-operated devices that are always listening for commands, called FLiRS, like the Schlage LiNK door lock, the testing will use up some of their battery.

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