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We will periodically release software updates for Vera. All updates are at no charge, of course, and Vera will tell you when there is an update and can automatically update her software. All your settings will be kept when the upgrade occurs. These are the new features we will be adding in the near future:

November, 2008

The iPhone/iPod touch interface in the October release is beta and not fully implemented. We are adding a new, full featured iPhone integration.

Vera will be able to transfer scenes you create in the web interface to handheld controllers so you don't need to create them on the controller itself.

January, 2009

The beta period was extended longer than expected. Further, to provide better tech support during the beta period, rather than having the tech support handled by a call center, as originally planned, our developers have been dealing with tech support issues directly, which halted development during the beta period. With the release of the Schlage lock and the Z-Wave security layer, we also redirected efforts to implementing a security and encryption layer in Vera.

February/March, 2009

1. We are adding a full UPnP implementation

2. We have support for Global Cache GC-100, which has infrared (IR) transmitters, so Vera can be used to control TV's and stereos. The delay is getting the license for the infrared codes.

3. We will be releasing an add-on to control generic serial, USB and ethernet devices with embedded scripts written in Lua. This will be for more advanced users and custom installers who want Vera to control a variety of devices besides Z-Wave and cameras, like alarm panels, TV's, and so on. It will allow Vera to control a variety devices without any actual programming.

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