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We will periodically be releasing software updates for Vera. All updates are at no charge, of course, and Vera will tell you when there is an update and can automatically update her software. All your settings will be kept when the upgrade occurs. These are the new features we will be adding in the near future:

September, 2008

We are working on the iPhone / iPod touch interface.

October, 2008

Flex Your Energy is an initiative in California where homeowners can receive alerts when the power grid is overloaded so they can reduce their energy usage to relieve the grid and prevent a brown-out. Vera will listen to these alerts and the homeowner can indicate to execute a Scene when the alert occurs and another when it passes, or to let Vera take pre-defined action, such as reducing dimmable lights by 30% and shutting off any thermostats.

November, 2008

We should be ready to release support for Global Cache gc-100, which has infrared transmitters, so Vera can be used to control TV's and stereos.

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