Wintop 3-way sensor

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The Wintop 3-way sensor has several configuration parameters that can be setup in the "Device options" tab under "Configuration settings".

The sensor has 3 modes:

Mode 1: no detection possible - battery save mode

Mode 2: normal operation mode - send on after detection and off after given time no detection

Mode 3: Z-Wave chip is always on to request e.g. version or manufacturer id.

Variable Data size Default value Description
   2 2 byte dec 900 Mode timeout. The time used in mode 2 to turn the sensor off. This time will start running as soon as detection is seen. By default it's set to 900 seconds = 15 minutes
   3 2 byte dec 2700 Switch off time. The switch off time will start running as soon as mode timeout is done. The motion sensor is turned on and when movement is detected again the mode timeout will start running all over again. By default it's set to 2700 seconds = 45 minutes
   4 1 byte dec 80 Sensitivity. The sensitivity value is between 0 and 127 (0 is least sensitive and 127 is most sensitive).
   5 1 byte dec 2 The mode that is entered after detection, each mode is explained above.
   6 2 byte dec 0 The temperature offset. A signed integer is used to determine the offset of the temperature.

To add a variable go to Devices -> All, click the "wrench icon" on the motion sensor, go to "Device options", click on "Add configuration settings", enter the desired variable, select the data size, then enter the desired value for the variable, then click the Save button in the top right corner. Later, if you want to change a certain value, go to "Device options" and just change the "Desired value", then click the Save button.

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